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Expectations were high for Madden NFL 24ahead of its release and after eight months of its release, we can say that EA Sports has delivered a game that (mostly) lived up to the hype. You can take charge of your favorite NFL team and lead them to glory. If you have been a bit late to the Madden 24 experience, don’t you worry! We are here to give you the rundown on how to level up fast in Madden NFL 24. So, lace up your pair of virtual cleats and go through this guide.

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Do Solo Challenges

Solo Challenges are an excellent way for players to score some easy XPs and level up fast in the game. The game will throw you various objectives, and once you get them done, you can cash in some significant rewards. Here’s a breakdown of the different Solo Challenge categories:

Campaign Solos:Embark on extended narrative campaigns that test your strategic prowess and reward you with substantial XP payouts. These challenges offer an immersive experience while significantly contributing to your player progression.

MUT Solos:These solo challenges are Madden Ultimate Team exclusives. You can bank some crucial MUT coinsupon completing these challenges. You will also unlock new players, kits, and other MUT items as you continue to ace these challenges.

Weekly Solos:Offering fresh content and bonus XP opportunities, Weekly Solos provide a recurring challenge for players. These challenges refresh regularly, ensuring continued engagement and opportunities to boost your XP gains.

By strategically approaching the Solo Challenges menu and prioritizing specific challenges based on your gameplay goals, you can maximize your XP acquisition and efficiently develop your player skills in Madden 24.

Complete Field Pass Challenges

Madden 24 offers a variety of Field Passes, each tailored to different playstyles. The core “Season One Field Pass” rewards progress through standard gameplay XP. But that’s just the start! Want to test your skills against the best? There are Field Passes that track competitive XP earned through head-to-head battles. Prefer to dominate challenges? Other Passes reward “Headliners XP” for specific achievements. No matter how you play, completing objectives like scoring touchdowns or racking up passing yards unlocks rewards and elevates your team.

Take On Headliner Challenges

Headliner Challenges are targeted challenges put your skills to the test. Pass for a ton of yards, smash rushing records, or complete themed sets – each challenge grants valuable XP towards your Headliners progress. The faster you conquer these tests, the quicker you’ll level up and unlock awesome rewards.

Jump Into Live Events

Live Events are a constant stream of XP-boosting opportunities. Tackle daily challenges, like scoring big or grabbing a new pack, to get quick XP fixes. But that’s not all! Live Events also feature special themed objectives, sets, and catalogs overflowing with XP rewards. Keep checking back to stay ahead of the curve and dominate your season.

Boost Your Ultimate Team Roster

Every addition to your Madden Ultimate Team roster opens up new avenues for XP gains. Making a star studded Ultimate Team lineup is the secret sauce you need to accelerate your climb to the top. Here’s how to strategically upgrade and earn more XP:

Hunt for Steals On the Auction House:Find hidden gems and upgrade your squad without breaking the bank.

Open Packs With Earned Coins or Points:Crack open packs for a shot at elite players and a healthy XP boost.

Dominate Solo Challenges:Earn exclusive rewards, including players, that contribute to your XP gains.

Complete Player Sets for Big Rewards:Assemble themed sets and get rewarded with high-caliber players and a rush of XP.

Play Competitive Multiplayer Matches

MUT Champions and Seasons offer massive XP rewards for wins and stellar performances. Just a few victories against real challengers can skyrocket your XP progress.

But before you jump in, here’s the game plan for success:

Forge a Formidable MUT Team:Prioritize building a competitive roster that can hold its own online.

Start Strong in Lower Tiers:Rookie Premier offers a great starting point to hone your skills and confidence.

Sharpen Your Skills Before Diving Headfirst:Analyze your opponents’ strategies and refine your playbook to dominate. Victories, not just participation, unlock the real XP treasure chest.

Purchase Madden Points

Hustling for Madden Points and Coins could take up some time. While progression through playing is a worthwhile experience, some might not have the patience for it. Want to speed things up? Buying Madden Points is a tempting shortcut. By stockpiling Madden Points, you can:

Crack Open Packs:Unearth hidden gems or elite players instantly, potentially boosting your XP.

Refill Stamina:Keep the grind going and tackle more challenges for XP.

Dominate Draft Champions:Enter exclusive modes and compete for top rewards, including XP.

Bid on Elite Players:Strengthen your team quickly with top talent on the Auction House.

How to Level Up Fast In Madden 24 - U7BUY Blog (2024)
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