No point in dating men with a 9 to 5 job. (2023)


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I always say if people be looking at me crazy, like I, don't know if this cuz I'm from Chicago but like okay, that working up in the fire I don't know why I just need a fast money or like for fraud but like like rapping or like dealing with media or like like that, just like come on Friday day.

I need you to get that right now, like so I feel like it appeared with the 9 to 5 like if you not in the Father Burger King or some no, but if you not the father, my favorite JP Morgan I, some hell yeah Friday check, but the help she that's the fraud, we're gonna Bank, no I, don't want you Wow, okay, see like JP, Morgan or Evie fry.

You know tingling.

He he be working.

The banking Nami, like you, know, Friday you went in the bank.

What she mean frying is that slang for something.

What frying is it slang for something? It's like Friday front, o rotting.

So he said, writing I heard frying North, Friday fraud, okay, let's say to [ __ ] that working to be going on I.

Never watch this video on honest, I'm kind of glad.

I didn't want to cover initially because now I'm watching like.

Why am I covering this yeah? This is just a lost person.

Yeah, this a woman is just lost.

It I, don't think it's reflective of a trend with.

Ladies I, don't think it's any of that because, generally, ladies, like stability in a man, I, don't think there's nothing stable about a man who could be sent to prison at any point.

So this is not indicative of some trend.

I'm, not saying that there's not a pocket of society where this exists, but this is dumb talk.

This is goofball talk.

What does a nine-to-five not have to do with the hustling mentality? It's not because you worked as 9:00 to 5:00 that you're, not hustling.

Where is the correlation people had this idea of hustling like you always have to be some entrepreneur and you have to have 20 streams of revenue.

No working at your job diligently and working towards better promotions and better raises is also a great thing she could say all she wants about 9:00 to 5:00.

Is this nine defines that you know you put some athlete? It looks great at first then he gets injured and he doesn't know how to use his money properly.

Yeah, it's fast money, it's great that fast money can dry out fast.

It's not because you make fast money that you know how to keep money for a long time.

You might be able to get in the short, but who says you can keep it in a long: the benefit of working 9:00 to 5:00, East ability long term so that when you're in retirement, you've got taxes that you've paid out you've got four: oh ones.

You've got retirement funds that you can pull from, but no you're, not thinking about that because you just want to live in this moment.

Well, good luck in the future! Good luck! When you fall hard times, yeah! Good luck in the future, but a lawyer banker look he's not gonna vote for you.

What do you have to bring to the table? You have all these demands and that's fine! That's all good! That's all! Cable boo, honey chicken, but what are you gonna bring? I, don't know to me, like you saying: yeah I would go for those guys, but they wouldn't go for you, wanna go for you if you're, not on the same page as me, I can't put you like I need to be like I need 50,000 by next Friday.

What you feeling gonna do to get this.

Oh, why gotta wait to the the checks you're like no [ __, ], [, __ ], you know, but Nick made 500,000 year, I'm, pretty sure he got 50,000.

Listen! This girl is lost, she's lost, it's not a thing.

I wouldn't go like all.

Girls are not girls around me or don't have that kind of talk, and it's just one girl that has that kind of talk? It's not it's not most people, you don't want a knife.

What do you bring? This is someone I wouldn't even waste my breath on so I have to reply to them like this sort of Connor's like what do you need 50k next week for that's what I would wonder, I, don't care, listen I make a decent titoki, chicks right.

If my girl came to me in a week, I need 15k next week, for what is the back knee needs to be redone.

That's not 50k! Oh well! You can't give me that I'm out what there's the door, what why are you coming to me view? You need 15k where's, your 15 care.

If you had some savings right and maybe if you had a 9 to 5 mentality, where you focus on stability, then maybe when you need a 15k whenever you wanted, you won't have it.

That's the funny thing about this pandemic man.

It's doesn't change everybody people out here, snitching people are fighting each other.

People are you're breaking quarantines yelling at cops yelling at politicians.

All this stuff people are voting differently right.

Politicians want to do all these handouts and all this it's different, but then some of these is still mad basic.

That's the thing that kills me some of y'all time has not changed times are changing, but not baby.

You know they still so basic like baby - man.

That's easy, I, hear some basics be talking about some dumb dumbs like wait.

What's all this? What is this? Don't you have things to do right.

There Damon you guys, as viewers know what to do.

If you encounter a basic block like this, don't engage, walk away.

You don't even need to explain yourself.

You don't even need to try explain why she's wrong yeah, but you would understand cuz you're, not one of the men making that kind of money- okay, okay, sure, whatever you say, but if I was I, still wouldn't mess with you.

So then, what then? What that was the dumbest thing? Cuz you get your paycheck in two weeks, I can't [ __ ] with you, bye, well, bye and any kind of guy who engages with a girl like this is probably a symphony wise man, [, __, ] and I mean 15 K right now, of course, baby for what for what? Even if I, have the whole heap of money a year, even if, like in the bank, there's a bunch of million dollars sitting there.

Looking at me waiting for me to spend it on a boat a year, yeah be like yo I need 15k for what yeah? What do you need? 50K? For yeah, the fridge is full yeah.

The gas tank is full I've got a car.

You got a car right watch your knee 50k, for what did you do? What kind of rinky-dink drug deal did you go through that you need 15 game for, and you can enjoy that fast money now, but when the cops come knocking they take everything back so all that stuff that you bought the cars, the properties all that stuff that you bought with whatever kind of fast money that person got, they will be repossessing, even the thing that you did about with the money because they don't know if they got it.

For that sometimes I happens.

So they take everything.

Everything watch you get recode, it's not a pretty sight! So listen if you think, like her I hope you change before it's too late, because I can assure you most people who I've seen tape.

Dudes in this realm end up way worse off, then, if they had been what they do with a stable job and at the end of the day, that's look cute now, but when you're getting your 40s 50s, you know out of you something who's wilder now look at all those rappers.

They might start off with that talk, but one thing in their 40s and 50s.

What do they do? They switch it up.

Quick things! Isn't that correct, like that? No they in the relationship, yeah, yeah, that's high school.

Look at some millionaire right.

They see me rollin.

Now they see me investing all right tech companies all day.

Look at the way they move.

Rick Ross is the same way.

Huh no right went from parole officer to rapper to what now he's a mogul.

That's the way it functions.

It's not tenable.

You need some form of stability.

Even for us.

This YouTube thing.

If the platform becomes too unstable, we're gonna move somewhere else.

Gotta gotta stay moving, you gotta change, they remember the girls back in the house.

We were like yo girls.

I want bad boys like that.

That's what it is, that's what it is in the same girls I was in high school I was talking about yeah you're, not man enough you're, not this you're, not that you're too boring by boring, boring, is not talking about I, don't eat, it's like yeah.

You don't engage in those kind of stuff and I.

Look at you, yeah 34, five children guys inside and then you wait waiting for the next one come on now now see somebody brought like this to where they messed with a bunch of bad boys early on and then the end up with some goofy nerd at the end.

Why? Because they learned the error of their mistakes as well, the goofy nerd.

What does he do he's making Bank and he's not his? You know he is gonna, bring that money that paper and he's responsible with stuff.

Like that? No that's just dumb talk! This is don't talk from a dumb person.

This is not a interesting.

It's not a thing.

It's not a thing! It's not a thing! So don't make it a thing! All right! Don't look at this and be like man.

We made our trip.

This is not women.

This is a goofy broad and some goofy other broads, but ain't, nothing big to me.

It's like the equivalent of the people who, like glorify like gang life.

This is exactly what it is gene, but that's exactly here: I'm a [ __ ], tired debt, okay, but that's exactly okay, see well that ends up for you about it.

That's exactly what it is.


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