Street Gangs: From Latin Kings & La Eme to Gangster Disciples and Crips & Bloods (2024)

As researchers we find there is a distinct difference between organized crime and street gangs. One is structured, sophisticated, efficient, calculated. The other is often poorly structured, unrefined, unefficient, brash. However, many organized crime groups and most of its members start out as/in street gangs. It’s where they learn their trade. And many groups that once started out as street gangs have since evolved into largescale criminal enterprises.

That is why Gangsters Inc. has set up this section where we will focus on street and prison gangs and lower level gangsters who might one day pop up in a major case or have already grown so much in power that they deserve to be placed under scrutiny.


Strangling your cellmate just to gain respect
The Real Peaky Blinders: Attacking coppers, gambling on horses, fighting with fists and guns
U.S. Marshals arrest over 84,000 fugitives in 2021
Gang Rules: Growing up inside the LA gang life
Fitness Behind Bars: Gangsters tell how they train their bodies and minds in prison
The 18 Gangster museum in South Africa run by ex-convicts tells cautionary tales of life of crime and violence
Sinaloa Cartel distributor who supplied Crips, Gangster Disciples, Vice Lords for two decades gets 15-year term
White House designates most threatening transnational crime groups
All In The Game: Two men who went from fighting gangsters to refereeing star athletes
How guards keep assaulting inmates without consequences
Asian Youth Gangs and the Tongs


MS-13 bosses in Honduras targeted by US agencies – Gang’s principal weapons supplier extradited
WATCH | Former MS-13 boss reveals the gang’s inner workings, rules, and tattoos
Maryland MS-13 gangster gets 24 years in federal prison for racketeering and murder
Drug boss who trafficked cocaine and meth on behalf of MS-13 and Mexican Mafia gets 17 years in prison
Maryland MS-13 gangster gets 28 years for shooting and stabbing suspected snitches in gang
Four MS-13 gangsters off to decades in prison for attempted murders, racketeering, drug distribution in Virginia
MS-13 gangsters kidnapped 2 juveniles, then butchered them with knives, machetes, and a pickaxe
MS-13 boss Andy Tovar gets life in prison
Three MS-13 gangsters convicted of racketeering, murder, extortion, and drug charges after 3-week trial
The New American Mafia: MS-13 member admits extorting Langley Park, Maryland business owners
Mutilation and dismemberment with machetes: Ten MS-13 gangsters indicted in Texas
MS-13 hitman gets 35 years in prison for execution-style killing in 2015
The Rise of MS-13: Central America’s Deadliest Drugs Gang
Seven MS-13 gangsters convicted of sex trafficking 13-year-old girl, beating her with baseball bat
Maryland MS-13 gang boss gets life behind bars on racketeering and murder conspiracy charges
Dominating Behind Bars: MS-13 gangsters shank member of feared Mexican Mafia
Like “chopping wood” – Vicious MS-13 gangster gets life for brutal stabbing murder of 2 teenagers
MS-13 Gang Boss Ronald “Extrano” Catalan
MS-13 Gang Boss Carlos “Silencio” Ortega
MS-13 bosses planned to unite all its US gangs under one leadership
Profile: MS-13 leader “Tremendo” Leoner Aguirre
MS-13 gangsters indicted for murder, drug trafficking across U.S.
Long Island MS-13 boss who ordered murder of 15-year-old sentenced to 24 years to life in prison
MS-13 gang member pleads guilty to double-murder
Two MS-13 gangsters get life in prison for murder
MS-13 gangster admits trafficking drugs to New Jersey from inside a California prison
Leader of violent MS-13 crew sentenced to life in prison for two murders
MS-13 gangster Joel “Animal” Martinez admits killing 15-year-old
Boston MS-13 leader gets 10 years in prison for RICO conspiracy, drug trafficking
MS-13 member pleads guilty to attempted murder of gang rival
MS-13 gangster Angel Pineda sent to prison for RICO conspiracy
MS-13 gangsters convicted of kidnapping, murder, and extortion
Maryland’s Uniones and Molinos Clique of MS-13
MS-13 hitman who killed rival 18th Street gangster and intimidated witness at courthouse gets 30 years
Ohio MS-13 boss gets life in prison for participating in five murders, making gang “more organized and violent”
VIDEO: President Donald Trump’s war on MS-13 and immigrant gangs


The Father, the Son… the Mafia, the Bloods Gang, and Greed
Tampa Bloods boss gets no likes, sentenced to almost 4 years in prison after posing with gun on Instagram
New York member of Nine Trey Gangsters gets two life terms for gangland murder spree in Virginia
Sex Money Murder: The violent rise and fall of Bronx gang ingrained in New York underworld’s history
Leader of Newark drug trafficking gang gets 20 years in prison
Bloods gangster arrested for organizing murder of Bonanno mobster
Prison bars couldn’t stop powerful Bloods Godfathers
Two United Blood Nation Godfathers guilty of racketeering conspiracy
VIDEO: Bloods gangster talks about doing time with Mafia boss John Gotti in 1997
United Blood Nation Godfather says he is part of “the last ones that God put in power”
Nine Trey Gangsters hitmen held shooting competition to see who’d get highest body count
Brooklyn Bloods gang enforcer Shondell “M-Dot” Walker
Bloods gang boss gets 55 years in prison for murder & drug trafficking
Bloods Gang Leader Charged With Three Murders
New Jersey Bloods gang boss pleads guilty to murder, racketeering charges
Sex Money Murder Bloods set leaders admit racketeering, murder conspiracy
Operation Bloody Prince
The Blood Life:How robbery led to homicides earning two Blood leaders life in prison
Bloods gangster gets 10 years for racketeering and drug dealing
UBA-linked drug trafficking organization dismantled as leaders & members get decades in prison
83 bosses and members of United Blood Nation indicted
United Blood Nation gangsters plead guilty to RICO conspiracy involving multiple murders
Crips and Bloods hit by major police offensive
Imperial Gangsta Bloods drug dealer sentenced to 35 years
37 Bloods gangsters sentenced to over 415 years in prison
Two United Blood Nation gangsters sent to prison on drug and gun charges


Crips gang members and inmates busted for COVID-19-related unemployment insurance fraud scheme
Baltimore Eight Tray Gangsta Crips boss Trayvon “Tru G” Hall
Rollin’ 30s Crips boss in City of Roanoke gets 37 years in prison for two gangland killings
“The system of America is scared when they see us unite” – Profile of devil-worshipping East Coast Crips boss Paul Wallace
T&A Crips hitman who killed rival gang member and shot at potential witness pleads guilty
Eight Trey Crips gang leader Larry Pagett
NYPD and FBI bust Crips drug organization in the Bronx
VIDEO: Up close and personal as VICE films initiation of Crips gang member in Brooklyn
Grape Street Crips member indicted for murder of bystander at 2010 summer cookout
“Corey Hamlet is as smart as any CEO we’ve prosecuted” – Profile: Grape Street Crips leader Corey Hamlet
Grape Street Crips boss charged with 4 murders, racketeering
California Crip went from selling drugs to funding his own career as an author
Investigation nets 35 members of Bakersfield West Side Crips gang
Crips gangster cops to racketeering charges, admits robberies & drug dealing
East Dago Mob, West Coast Crips, and Asian Crips charged with meth trafficking
T&A Crips member sentenced to 30 years in prison after killing Bloods gangster who disrespected gang

Latin Kings:

WATCH | What’s it like being a member of the Latin Kings, one of America’s biggest gangs
The Black Mob: Founding boss of New York’s largest Latin Kings set gets 27 years in prison
Springfield Latin Kings gangster “King Legend” sentenced to 10 years in prison
New Bedford Latin Kings member gets over 8 years in prison for racketeering involving shooting, beatings
Enforcer for Massachusetts Latin Kings gets 3 years in prison for racketeering conspiracy
Latin Kings gangster’s streak of bad luck: targeted by undercover cops, shot by rivals, busted by feds
Two Latin Kings gangsters guilty of retaliating against witness
16 Latin Kings gangsters arrested for drug trafficking in Long Beach, NY
Latin Kings gangster gets 9 years in prison for cocaine trafficking
Chicago Latin Kings hit with racketeering and murder charges
Boss of Latin Kings Worcester Chapter sentenced on drug charges
“King Nene”, enforcer of Boston Latin Kings, pleads guilty to racketeering conspiracy charges
Latin Kings leader pleads guilty to racketeering and drug conspiracy charges
Latin Kings bosses charged with racketeering and drug dealing

The Mexican Mafia / La Eme & its offshoots:

Being a secretary for the Mexican Mafia: Not a typical nine to five job
Imprisoned Mexican Mafia shot caller green lit thieving gangster – Man shot 8 times in back and head
Drug boss who trafficked cocaine and meth on behalf of MS-13 and Mexican Mafia gets 17 years in prison
Meth and a .50 cal: Investigation targeting Texas Mexican Mafia wraps up with 13 in prison
Fluffy goes to prison: Texas Mexican Mafia General sentenced to 25 years in prison on drug charges
The one thing a Menendez brother feared more than the Mexican Mafia
“The dime” – Texas “Mexikan” Mafia drug dealer gets 10 years in prison
“Señora,” a high-level associate of imprisoned Mexican Mafia member, gets 12 years for carjacking, murder
Mexican Mafia’s “Golden Goose” sentenced to 30 years in prison on drug and robbery charges
“Shot caller” linked to Mexican Mafia found guilty of drug trafficking
Mexican Mafia’s control within LA County Jail and on streets of Pomona
‘Shot-Caller’ of Mexican Mafia-controlled gang gets 15-years
Mexican Mafia-led gang in Santa Fe Springs charged with murder and drug crimes
Pay Your Street Tax: Texas Mexican Mafia member sentenced to 35 years in prison for taxing drug dealers
Texas Mexican Mafia leaders get lengthy prison terms for RICO conspiracy
Texas Mexican Mafia general and 36 underlings busted
Profile: Texas Mexican Mafia boss Ruben “Menace” Reyes
Texas Mexican Mafia gang members charged in drug conspiracy
Mexican Mafia’s control within LA County Jail and on streets of Pomona
Texas Mexican Mafia gang members charged in drug conspiracy

Gangster Disciples:

Gangster Disciples’ drug supplier gets 10 years for trafficking counterfeit prescription pills containing meth & fentanyl
“Mike Tyson Punch Out” – Gangster Disciples bosses convicted of racketeering conspiracy and murder
Gangster Disciples charged with murder and racketeering after one killing leads to couple more
Gangster Disciples hitman and regional chief enforcer convicted of several stone-cold murders
President Obama gives Gangster Disciples leader a sentence reduction
Fugitive Gangster Disciples leader arrested in New Orleans
Senator Declares War On Gangster Disciples
Gangster Disciples Chief of Security admits role in shootings, drug trafficking – Sentenced to 25 years
The Big Hen: Regional enforcer of Gangster Disciples gets 30 years in prison
Gangster Disciple holds repo men at gunpoint, takes car back
The Governor of Tennessee: Gangster Disciples boss Byron Montrail Purdy ruled state’s underworld
Gangster Disciples Chief of Security and four members sentenced to prison
Gangster Disciples indicted for roles in 5 attempted murders
Gangster Disciples bosses guilty of racketeering, triple murder in nightclub, murder of witness, and shooting

White (Supremacist) Gangs:

Aryan Brotherhood member admits to murdering for gang, gets life in prison
Arkansas drug dealer gets life in prison – Asked New Aryan Empire gang to whack informant
Heavily armed meth dealing Aryan Brotherhood member gets over 19 years in prison
Ghostface Gangsters busted in Georgia after massive drug trafficking investigation
Universal Aryan Brotherhood prison gang directed meth trafficking network through contraband cell phones
Five Aryan Brotherhood members charged with orchestrating 4 murders behind bars
Aryan Circle gang boss William Glenn Chun gets life
Five associates of New Aryan Empire sentenced to prison for kidnapping, drugs
Former Aryan Brotherhood prison gang boss Michael Thompson shares his life story
Aryan Circle enforcer sentenced to life in prison for “putting in work”
Ghostface Gangsters gang bosses and members convicted of RICO conspiracy, drug, and gun charges
Aryan Circle prison gang member found guilty of shanking fellow inmate
Two New Aryan Empire associates sentenced to prison for kidnapping, stabbing of suspected rat & meth trafficking
White supremacist prison gang boss guilty alongside underlings and Hells Angel of torture, murder & racketeering
Killer Kracker Pride gang member tasered before arrest, admits to gun charge
Aryan Brotherhood member pleads guilty to meth trafficking, freely discusses drug biz and gang ties with cops
Living Life: Crime, bikers, prison gangs, and the future
Prison Gangs and the Analogy of Hate
White supremacist gangsters sentenced to death for murdering fellow gang member at Texas prison
Aryan Brotherhood of Texas meth ring in Corpus Christi busted
Leader of Aryan Knights prison gang gets life for violent stabbing and RICO conspiracy
Locked up members of white supremacy group Soldiers of the Aryan Culture still deadly
Southwest Honkys gang member pleads guilty to meth conspiracy
Aryan Brotherhood gangsters directed violent crimes and murder from inside California most secure prisons
White supremacist gangsters sentenced to death for murdering fellow gang member at Texas prison
Aryan Brotherhood of Mississippi boss gets life for racketeering conspiracy
Prison Gangs: The Aryan Brotherhood
Universal Aryan Brotherhood member gets 22 years in prison
Ghostface Gangsters prison gang hit with racketeering

Prison Gangs:

Gangs run multiple prisons in Mississippi, according to DOJ report
Self-professed shot caller in Irish Mob gang gets 12,5 years for retaliation plots against witness and agent
Nuestra Familia gang drug trafficker gets 21 years in prison for smuggling 2 kilos of meth
Narco Cat: Gang had $2,000-dollar, tattooed cat as pet inside Mexican prison
Killing mothers without remorse – Black Guerilla Family gangsters hit with racketeering, murder charges
Ten Nuestra Familia members and associates plead guilty to drug charges
Former Corrections Officer gets 3 years for smuggling drugs and cell phones into state prison
A New York Mafia capo, a member of the Yakuza, a mob soldier, ex-convicts & an Irish gangster rate crime movies
Norteño gangster gets 8 years for racketeering conspiracy , violence in prison on behalf of Nuestra Familia
Holding the city of Sao Paolo hostage: Profile of Brazilian crime boss Marcos Willians Herbas Camacho
Syndicato de Nuevo Mexico soldier guilty of murder, racketeering and gun possession
Nuestra Familia prison gang members admit role in dealing drugs and violent prison assaults and stabbings
Top Nuestra Familia bosses sentenced for murder, racketeering
50 members of La Asociación Ñeta prison gang indicted in Puerto Rico
Fugitive Syndicato de Nuevo Mexico prison gang member arrested


Just Bout Money gang ran major Southeast Missouri drug pipeline
Narco Cat: Gang had $2,000-dollar, tattooed cat as pet inside Mexican prison
Young Gunnaz gang shot its way up Newburgh and Poughkeepsie underworlds, now hit with indictment
Barrio Azteca hitmen who murdered US Consulate employee & 2 others in Ciudad Juarez get life in prison
NFL gang boss Gregory Butler
Gangster or Rapper? Houston’s The Breadman learns he can’t be both – “He played the game and lost”
Boston drug trafficker gets 3 years for supplying violent Brockton gang with cocaine
Former Godfather of Black Stone Gorilla gang pleads guilty to racketeering charges
Florencia 13 gangsters who robbed and fatally shot LAPD officer charged with federal racketeering offense
U.S. Marshals arrest over 84,000 fugitives in 2021
A New York Mafia capo, a member of the Yakuza, a mob soldier, ex-convicts & an Irish gangster rate crime movies
Living in a KavKaz Nation – Profile of New York crime boss Roman Nikoghosyan
Folk Nation Gangster Disciples charged with 7 shootings that happened in Brooklyn in 2020
Holding the city of Sao Paolo hostage: Profile of Brazilian crime boss Marcos Willians Herbas Camacho
Trafficker who supplied Schuele Boys Gang with $1M of co*ke a month gets 10 years in prison
Frank Smith, hitman of Coney Island-based Rival Impact, gunned down rivals in war with Thirty-O Crew
Big Money Bosses gang leader gets over 12 years for racketeering
Bronx gangster who killed rival who held baby daughter in arms gets 42 years
Brooklyn Hull Street Crew leader Christian John
NYPD cop moonlighted for drug gang but finds no loyalty in return
Folk Nation gang leader gets consecutive terms of life in prison
Schuele Boys Gang associate pleads guilty to selling drugs out of variety store
Folk Nation Gang Leader Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison
The South Side Cartel: Newark’s most violent street gang
Music label or violent gang? Original Block Hustlaz provided soundtrack while it flooded Philadelphia with drugs
Chicago Black Disciples bosses and members charged in federal drug and gun investigation
Alleged Chicago gang boss charged with sending funds to ISIS in Syria – other gangsters busted for drugs
Four Corner Hustlers gang charged with racketeering and multiple gangland slayings
Chicago Vice Lord Nation gang boss dead at 64
Detroit gang leader gets 35 years for racketeering
Chester Wheeler Campbell: The 007 of the Detroit Drug Mob
Nuestra Familia prison gang members admit role in dealing drugs and violent prison assaults and stabbings
Norteño hitman gets over 17 years in prison for hunting rivals
Oakland gangster who shot rival and cop gets 33-years
Top Nuestra Familia bosses sentenced for murder, racketeering
Wilmas Gang members hit with federal racketeering, murder charges
The Joloperros: Pay up or get tortured – Vicious and sophisticated crew robbed and kidnapped drug dealers
Columbia Point Dawgs drug supplier sentenced to 14 years
Members of West Baltimore gang Trained To Go guilty of 9 murders, drug trafficking, witness intimidation
Indianapolis narco kingpin “White Boy” gets life
Full-Time Gangsters Part-Time Rappers
Profile: Black P-Stones leader Michael Hopson
Black P-Stones lieutenant gets 30 years in prison for racketeering and murder
Associate of Memphis Mob Pleads Guilty to Drug Conspiracy

Street Gangs: From Latin Kings & La Eme to Gangster Disciples and Crips & Bloods (2024)
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