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Abilities are add-ons to the player's uniqueness and give you an edge over other players. It is hard to imagine playing with no unique talents or abilities of your character because it adds monotony to the gameplay and takes away all the fun, adventure, and enjoyment.

Well, here, in Madden 24, we don't have to worry about that because abilities give your character uniqueness and take the gameplay to another level. There are two abilities in Madden 24 that you can have: Superstar abilities and X-Factor abilities. X-Factor abilities give you an edge over the Superstar abilities.

X-factor abilities can only be activated when certain conditions or objectives are met. There are around 50 X-Factor players in Madden 24, with 27 on offense and 23 on defense but there are many X-Factor abilities. X-Factors are special abilities that add uniqueness to your player. It becomes very important to get acquainted with the best ones so that you can understand and play your game accordingly taking full advantage of your character.

The specialty of the X-Factor abilities can not be described in a single word because they're important and far better than the Superstar abilities. X-Factors add a new level of strategy to the game reflecting real-life player abilities.

So, it is clear that you need to be very specific with the selection of X-Factor abilities for your player when it comes to a player's uniqueness. This guide will cover all the best X-Factor abilities for all the positions so you can indulge yourself in unique and strategic gameplay. Before starting with the guide, make sure you have enough MUT Coins to make a purchase as and when required. If you are falling short of the coins, the best way to get them is for real money from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

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For Quarterbacks

This position comes whenever we talk about the most important positions in the game. With this position, your responsibility is to lead the offense, make decisions, and handle the ball. So, it becomes very important to select the best X-Factor ability for this. Below are a few best abilities for this position.


This X-Factor ability helps you increase the max throwing distance for your Quarterback position. Generational arms in Quarterbacks have the ability to stretch any defense to its breaking point. It won't be a bad decision to put this ability at the top of the list.

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Run And Gun

This is the second X-Factor ability that falls on the list at second position. This unique ability grants your player perfect passing while you are on the run. It increases your character's speed and agility. This will give the quarterbacks increased accuracy and mobility.


This special ability falls at the position number three for the quarterbacks. This ability goes well with mobile quarterbacks allowing them to break tackles and avoid sacks. It can't fumble as a result of a tackle. In short, when you enter the zone, no tackles made against your quarterbacks will result in a fumble.

For Wide Receivers

The Wide Receivers position plays an important role here. It has the responsibility of catching passes from the quarterbacks and gaining yards through the air while blocking downfield to help other players gain yards as well. Some of the best X-Factor abilities for the wide receivers are mentioned below.

Double Me

This unique ability allows your wideout and helps it to win aggressive catches. In simple words, with the help of this special ability, you can win aggressive catches against single coverage as a receiver.

If you want to activate this ability then as a receiver you must catch three passes of 20+ yards while in single coverage. After the activation of this ability, as a receiver, you will have increased catch for the rest of the game.

Rac' Em Up

As a receiver, this special ability will increase your chances of winning contested catches as well as breaking tackles. In short, this ability increases the success rate of RAC catches. To activate this ability, you must catch three passes of 20+ yards as a receiver.

Ankle Breaker

If you play as a receiver, this ability will allow you to make sharp cuts and break tackles. You can easily activate this ability by catching three passes of 10+ yards while using RAC moves. After the activation of this ability and entering the zone, you can have increased fakeout rates on spin, juke, and hurdle after the catch.

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For Running Backs

While playing for this position, your primary responsibility revolves around carrying the ball and gaining yards. Also, you'll deal with catching the passes out of the backfield as well as blocking for quarterbacks and other players. So, considering the importance of this position, it becomes very important to have a better understanding of the best X-Factor abilities for it.. Below are some of the best abilities for this specific position.

Freight Train

Freight Train ability transforms the runners into a train. It gives you an increased trucking ability. This ability is best suited for the running backs and requires rushing several times for more than 10 yards to get into the zone. After the activation, you will see increased stiff arm ratings for the rest of the game.

Wrecking Ball

Wrecking Ball runners never avoid contact, instead, they create it. When you enter the zone with this ability as a running back this ability increases your success rate on the next three trucks or you can say stiff arms because they're the running back's main ability to deflect tacklers. This ability can be activated easily after rushing for 10+ yards.

First One Free

This special ability increases the overall success rate of jukes, spins, and hurdles for the running backs. In short, this unique ability increases your fakeout rate. This ability will turn out in your favor if you want to gain extra yards on the ground.

For Linebackers

Like the above positions, linebacker is also an important position that is responsible for stopping the running back and covering receivers. This position revolves around making quick decisions and adjustments based on the offense covering receivers and preventing them from catching passes. Below are some of the X-Factor abilities for the linebacker position.

Unstoppable Force

This special ability can increase the chances of successful power moves against blockers. It gives you an increased pass rush ability for your player. You can use this unique ability if you want to generate heavy organic pressure against opposing quarterbacks. It is considered one of the best X-Factor abilities in the game.

Zone Hawk

This is a crucial and an important X-Factor ability for the linebackers which is responsible for increasing the rate of interceptions while in zone coverage allowing defenders to lock down a part of the field in zone coverage. In short, it increases the success rate of interceptions in zone coverage.

Momentum Shift

This special X-Factor ability helps you demoralize your opponents. When you enter the zone with this ability activated, all your on-field opponents are kicked out of their playing arena, or in simple words, lose their progress that they have towards successfully entering the zone.

This ability can be special for you if you want to shift the momentum of the game in your favor disrupting the progress of your opponents.

For Cornerbacks & Defensive Ends

Both cornerbacks and Defensive ends are defensive players. This position lines up on the outside of the defensive formation with the responsibility of covering wide receivers. Talking about the defensive ends, you'll line up on the outside of the defensive line as a defensive end player with responsibility for rushing the quarterbacks and stopping the run. X-factor abilities for these positions are listed below.


Shutdown defenders have the capability to simply and effectively remove or kick out the receivers from the game. When you enter the zone with this ability activated, your coverage becomes tighter, and interceptions are more constant on catches that are contested. It has a silver rating in the game.

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If you're playing as a defender then this unique X-Factor ability will allow you to dominantly win man press attempts. With this ability, you can win any man press encounter. When you enter the zone with this ability activated, you are likely to disrupt the receiver's route and successfully prevent them from getting open. This ability can be useful to you if you rely on man coverage.


This was all about the best X-Factor abilities for the different positions in Madden 24 which will help you get started with the best abilities adding uniqueness to your players. X-Factor abilities play an important role in elevating the overall performance of your player. X-Factor abilities play an important role in Madden 24 and that's why deciding the best ability for your player matters a lot.

However, don't be stuck on only one ability. Keep trying and experimenting as much as you can so that you get a clear and better understanding of how these unique abilities work and how you can use them to your advantage elevating the chances of your winning with smooth gameplay. Whether you're a beginner or already playing, you've landed on the right place and this is for you. Happy Gaming.

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