Top 10 Madden 24 Running Backs (2024)

Are you looking to dominate the field with the best running backs in Madden 24? Look no further! We've compiled a comprehensive guide to the top 10 running backs in the game, breaking down their stats, abilities, and overall performance. Whether you're building your God Squad or fine-tuning your lineup, these running backs are sure to elevate your game to the next level.

Top 10 Madden 24 Running Backs (1)

1. Jamal Williams

Jamal Williams reigns supreme as the undisputed king of Madden 24 running backs. With an astonishing 99 speed, he outpaces the competition effortlessly. Coupled with his exceptional agility and top-tier abilities like Jukebox, he's a force to be reckoned with on the field. Jamal's versatility shines through, making him a must-have for any team.

2. Christian McCaffrey (CMC)

Christian McCaffrey secures the second spot with his unparalleled athleticism and playmaking abilities. Boasting 96 speed and exceptional catching stats, he excels as both a rusher and receiver. With abilities like Running Back Apprentice and Jukebox, he's a dynamic threat in any situation, making him a staple in many lineups.

3. Terrell Davis (TD)

Terrell Davis proves his worth as a top-tier running back with blazing speed and reliable performance. As a key player in Super Bowl-themed teams, TD boasts 96 speed and outstanding route running, making him a nightmare for defenders. With abilities like Route Tech and Energizer, he's a versatile playmaker who consistently delivers on the field.

4. Payton Hillis

Payton Hillis makes his mark with brute strength and exceptional agility, earning him a spot among the elite running backs in Madden 24. Despite his slightly slower speed, Hillis compensates with incredible trucking and break tackle abilities. His Angry Runs X-Factor strikes fear into the hearts of defenders, making him a dominant force in the ground game.

5. Derrick Henry

Derrick Henry's imposing presence and devastating running style earn him a place in the top five. While his speed may not match some of his counterparts, Henry's Angry Runs X-Factor transforms him into a unstoppable force on the field. With persistent abilities and unmatched power, he's a game-changer in critical situations.

6. Gale Sayers

Gale Sayers returns to Madden with a vengeance, showcasing his exceptional speed and agility. With 96 speed and impressive route running, Sayers excels as a dual-threat running back. His combination of Evasive and Route Tech abilities makes him a nightmare for defenders to contain, solidifying his place among the best in the game.

7. Edge

Despite facing some setbacks in Madden 24, Edge remains a formidable running back with his exceptional speed and receiving abilities. With 96 speed and reliable catching stats, he's a valuable asset in both rushing and passing situations. While lacking in some key abilities, Edge's versatility and size make him a valuable addition to any lineup.

8. Devin A. Chain

Devin A. Chain bursts onto the scene with blazing speed and elusive moves, earning him a spot among the top running backs in Madden 24. With 96 speed and impressive change of direction, Chain excels as a playmaker in open space. His combination of Jukebox and Matchup Nightmare abilities makes him a versatile threat in any offensive scheme.

9. Michael Vick

Michael Vick may be a blast from the past, but he still holds his own among the top running backs in Madden 24. With solid speed and agility, Vick excels as a dual-threat quarterback-turned-running back. While lacking some of the elite abilities of his counterparts, Vick's versatility and playmaking potential make him a valuable asset in the right hands.

10. AKA "The Kansas Comet"

Rounding out the top 10 is the elusive AKA "The Kansas Comet," who brings his lightning-fast speed and agility to the gridiron. With blazing speed and exceptional route running, he's a dynamic playmaker who can take over a game in an instant. While lacking some of the elite abilities of his peers, The Kansas Comet's speed and versatility make him a valuable asset in any offensive scheme.

In conclusion, these top 10 running backs in Madden 24 represent the pinnacle of athleticism, versatility, and playmaking ability. Whether you're looking for speed, power, or agility, there's a running back on this list to suit your play style. To get them quickly, I recommend buying Madden 24 coins directly from and you'll quickly build the team you want. So hit the field, dominate your opponents, and lead your team to victory with these elite running backs by your side!

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Top 10 Madden 24 Running Backs (2024)
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